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My Story

The strength in spatial design lies in the feeling you get from being in that space. This basic idea is the starting point for every project I work on and is the foundation for developing a concept, whether it is for a residential or commercial space. A home is where we should feel the most comfortable – our surroundings should indulge us. Lighting should flatter. Textures should engage. Seating should embrace. Décor should excite.

A client’s interests and passions can drive the development of a concept. 1930's motorboats provided inspiration for a suspended room in the double height living area of the Riverside Penthouse project overlooking River Thames. All projects I get involved with offer bespoke designs and a rich variety of materials to enhance the experience of being in a given space.


To illustrate an idea I use various devices; mood boards, samples of materials, sketches, computer models or physical models. Rather than having a one-style-fits-all-approach, each project gets its own identity based on context and prerequisites as the design is developed and implemented in collaboration with other key members of a design team. 


My professional experience as an interior designer started in London after I graduated from Chelsea College of Arts (UAL) with a first class honours in BA (Hons) Interior & Spatial design in 2002. I immediately had the opportunity to work with innovative architects and designers on various types of commissions, including luxury hotels and residences. After 14 years in London I moved back to my native Sweden, to design and work on the complete renovation of a house in the Gothenburg area. This house, with a separate work studio, has now become our family home - a place where the surroundings indulge us.


A handful of completed projects can be seen in my online portfolio
CV upon request.